Ayesha Samman

video caster

Ayesha was born in Peshawar and is currently 20. Being the first Pakistani and Asian online video streamer and caster girl with the astonishing skill of video games, Ayesha started playing online at the age of 7. where the girls of her age usually play with the common toys we know, Ayesha started drilling her brain skills in playing video games.
The 20 years old girl is breaking the myths about females and motivated to change the society’s thinking perspective “Girls do not belong to the gaming sector”. The cause of influence in gaming is her experience with Appbox by Gooline who needed a caster and forced the young lady to show what skills she had. The rest is history as she went on to make her name to such an extent where she is regarded as a brain in the video game streaming and casting. Ayesha says she received criticism when she stepped into the world of eSports but still goes on to be an inspiration for her generation and many more to come. Ayesha has a message for the girls listening to her out there, “If a girl in India, Pakistan or UAE would want to face negative people, call me up and we would wreck them together”.