ted Educator


Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science

He is an Assistant Professor, in the department of Computer Science at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology. He worked as DeputyDirector/Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science, GC University Lahore, Senior Scientific Officer Institute of Molecular Science and bioinformatics, Senior Lecturer Preston University, System Architect Intelli-Technologies, Assistant Project Manager Softedge and Assistant Project Manager National Engineers. His area of Interest includes Quantum Computing and Cognition, Cybernetics, Artificial General Intelligence, Machine Consciousness, Bioinformatics. He is the author of the book “Machine Learning in Bioinformatics: An Approach for Protein Sequence Analysis” and several Journal┬áPapers.
He is also a TED Ed educator, He was recently invited by TED to be their educator, making him among the only 10 educators in Punjab