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COMSATS Literary Society (CLS) takes the enthusiastic initiative in promoting literary as well as cultural awareness amongst the students by providing such a platform. Being one of the active societies in the campus, CLS aims towards developing and honing literary skills of the students. It creates an elegant and hospitable environment for the students where everyone is treated equally apart from their differences.



TEDx COMSATS, a collaborative experience that will inspire innovative thinking and resolute actions is hosted by CLS and Department of Computer Science. Our aim is to promote COMSATS as an innovative and collaborative institution of higher learning by bringing to stage influential people of Pakistan to share their thoughts and ideas. It is the first time in the history of COMSATS that any campus is going to host a TED event, which makes it a great achievement. Furthermore, this event will contribute a lot to boost the university’s reputation and will leave a positive impact on the attendees and the organizers.

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